Ford F150 Ecoboost (11 to 12) Front Mount Intercooler

Item # 51001

  • Features:
    • Improved Airflow
    • Maximize Air Density with Thicker Core
    • Increases Power Output while keeping Power Consistency
    • Direct Bolt on, (Plug and Play system)
    • OEM Style Connection, Compatible with all Aftermarket Piping for OEM intercooler
    • NO tuning/NO Modifications Required
    • Polished Aluminum End Tanks
    • Professionally TIG welded
    • Garrett High Density / High Efficiency "Bar and Plate" Intercooler 18" x 12" x 4.5"(Supported Up to 800 HP)
    • 100% made in North America

    • OPTIONS Available:
      • BOV Options
        • None, Block off Plate($0)
        • UR Dual Flange ONLY, fits TiAl BOV or HKS SSQV(+30.00 USD)
        • with TiAL Blow Off Valve(+$260.00 USD)
        • with HKS Blow Off Valve(+275.00 USD)
      • With or Without Ultimate Racing Logo Stenci

      • What are the advantages of the Ultimate Racing performance intercooler?

        Turbocharges works best when dense and cool charged air is presented.
        With an increase in 75% in volume compare to stock, as well as the Garrett GT High Density / High Efficiency -Bar and Plate intercooler core VS OEM tube and fin design, this will allow your turbo to flood your engine with denser and cool, powerful charged air. By upgrading the inefficient factory intercooler with Ultimate Racing intercooler, it sure will increases power output while keeping power consistently.

        Your intercooler looks smaller than other brands, does that mean it does not offer better cooling?

        Our surface area is smaller than some of our competitions, however we offer a thicker core. Based on our R&D testes, when the surface of the intercooler core is not getting direct air flow from the front opening, even with bigger surface, it does not mean the cooling effect is more efficient. You want concentrated high air flow to hit directly to the intercooler, for the intercooler to do its job, the same reason why the factory placed the license plate on the side for this model truck only. Therefore, we went with a thicker core and position it directly behind the bumper opening, while keeping the surface area around the same size as the bumper opening.

        Why your intercooler places as same location as the factory intercooler assembly?

        Designed with ease of installation. No drilling, cutting, or other modification, just a direct bolt on system. Also, it will block the air which tries to cool your transmission cooler, AC condensates and the radiator, if placing the intercooler too high.
        Imagine if you reside in a hotter climate, this will create potential problems with other parts in the truck. So, we had chosen the same location as the factory intercooler, to give you the upgrade you need without sacrificing other components.

        Would this upgrade cause cel light/engine light come on?


        Do I need a tune after installation?

        While NO tuning is required, your truck performance will enhance even more if you do.

        Would this mod void my warranty with the dealership?

        Most dealership will be fine with this product. But if warranty is your big concern, contact your dealership.

        Is it ok, if I just upgrade the intercooler but not add the aftermarket Blow Off Value?

        Sure, but the stock BOV is only good enough for stock boost level, if you are planning to upgrade to a performance tune, which will increase the boost by 2-3 PSI or more, we suggest you add the aftermarket Blow off Valve as well. For 2011 and 2012 model the added BOV will aid the stock BOV and prolong the like of the turbo.

        Why adding an aftermarket BOV, why not just replace the OEM one?

        The stock F150 Ecoboost has electronic solenoid that controls the turbo´s BOVs, and it has two main functions:

          1. Release excess pressure when the throttle plate is closed, (this will prolong the life of the turbocharger)
          2. During cruise, (at lower RPM, 20%-40% throttle) the turbochargers will spool up quickly. At the same time, if the throttle drops just a bit or if transmission is shifting, the ECU will electronically control the stock BOV to release just enough pressures to enable a smooth power delivery. Therefore, you (the driver) will not feel any roughness in the transition. This is the reason we do not recommend removing the stock BOV. Adding an aftermarket BOV for the additional boost is the best and only way to prolong the life of the turbo.
        Will this intercooler work with the 2013 electronic BOV?

        This intercooler is ONLY for 2011 and 2012 Ford 150 EcoBoost. 2013+ is under development and it will be available soon
        Installation FAQ

        Do I have to bring to a performance shop to install this product or I can install it myself ?

        This product is fairly easy to install, we have tons of customer installing our products themself and never had a problem.

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