Golf GTI MK7 / MK7.5 - 3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust

Item # 90011

  • Key Features
    • Full 304 Stainless Steel construction
    • Super lightweight, starting at 28 lbs
    • No tuning, No modification required -- 100% bolt on to stock.
    • Every purchase comes with all installation hardware

    Want that deep, aggressive aftermarket exhaust sound, but don't want to wake the neighbors at night and in cabin drone, add our rear mufflers and resonator options to the catback.

    Want to make a dramatic entrance at the track, try our no rear mufflers, no resonator option.

    With our straight through 3 inch design, doesn't matter what options you pick, with or without mufflers/resonators, you will still get the same performance gain.

    Can't decide which way to go.
    All our sections are interchangeable, if you found what you ordered is too quiet or too loud to your taste.
    Contact us and change it anytime!

    Thinking about upgrading to our "TurboBack" later on or you already have our downpipe, we've got you covered.
    Our system offers a specially designed 3" to 3" inch adapter, to eliminate the super restrictive factory connection between the downpipe and the catback system. Our adapter will make your "TurboBack" system a true 3" for maximum flow and power gain.

    Your catback system will also come with hardware (nuts and bolts) you need for installation.

  • In Video: Ultimate Racing 3" TurboBack System
    • 3" Downpipe - Metal Substrate Core, no resonator, 3" to 3" adapter, no extra wideband bung/plug
    • 3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust - non resonated midpipe, rear mufflers, 4" Single Wall Titanium Tip - Angle Cut

    Decibel Levels (base on above options):
    • Inside:
      • 79 dB @ Idle
      • 90 dB @ 3k Free Rev
    • Outside:
      • 81 dB @ Idle
      • 100 dB @ 3k Free Rev
    *each resonator added will minus 5-7 dB*
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