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Yes, you heard it right, the FK8 Civic Type R turbo kit to hit 500whp with pump gas. This turbo upgrade is a 100% bolt on.

Performance Gain:

  • +200 whp and +150 wtq, with 91 pump gas and BOOSTane (final octane 98)

Kit Included: 

  • Garrett G25-660 Turbocharger, and a .72 A/R Garrett compact v-band turbine housing (optional)
  • Billet 304SS CNC Turbo Manifold
  • Billet 6061 Aluminum CNC Wastegate Bracket (Fully retained OEM Electronic Wastegate)
  • 3" Intake kit and Airbox with 3.5" ID Oversized AFM Housing
  • 3" Mandrel Bend v-band downpipe (304SS)
  • High Flow Throttlebody Inlet IC pipe kit (use with OEM BOV or Aftermarket BOV)
  • Hot side IC adapter pipe Kit
  • Oil Feed/Return adapter block, water fitting and lines with Fire sleeves

Word from our R&D team:

The Garret G25-660 turbo was chosen, becasue of its big power capability in a small package. It fit nicely under the hood and it were able to target wide range of power, with very miniuim lag. After some test run on the dyno, we found the G25-660 turbocharger has a very similar spool up characteristic compare to the stock turobcharger when pairing with the .72 A/R turbine housing. 

For the turbo manifold, we wanted a solid piece that not only looks great, but also incredibly strong, and can withstand very high temperture. So our team had spent countless hours on designing the stainless steel billet (CNC 5 axies machined) turbo manifold. Many CAD drawings was done, and numberless of 3D printed plastic prototypes was made to make sure everything was fitted perferly, and working smoothly.

In order to retain the FK8 Type R OEM electronic wastegate (this is a must to keep all proper functions of the OEM Bosch ECU). Our team had designed  a special 6061 aluminum CNC machined wastegate bracket to use in conjunction with the OEM electronic wastegate.

Additionally, we like to emphasize, this turbo kit is a true bolt on system. You don’t need to cut or modify any component to have our kit install. Our turbo kit will give you the choice of bolting up to our intercooler piping, the stock intercooler hose or most aftermarket intercooler piping.

Lastly, we like to thank everyone who contribute to the project, and a big shout out to Doug and Daniel at Hondata for working with us. Soon, you can download the base map for our turbo kit from Hondata. 

And for the track enthusiast we be going to be testing the kit with a larger turbine housing which it should be able to gain more top-end horse power, we’ll keep you update with the result.


frequently asked questions:

Does your turbo kit come with IC pipe?

  • No, it will come with an adapter pipe that connects the G25-660 turbocharger to OEM rubber intercooler hose. 

What is the High Flow Throttlebody Inlet IC pipe kit?

  • We found that the OEM cast pipe (the 90 degree cast IC pipe before the throttlebody) is very restrictive in flow, therefore we replace it with our “High Flow throttlebody Inlet IC pipe Kit”. We also relocate the BOV to this “High Flow Throttlebody Inlet IC pipe kit” which we know is the best location for the BOV.

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