Evo X 3" Dual Exit TurboBack Exhaust

Item # 200402

A complete bolt on, true 3" dual exit turboback exhaust system for your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X  for maximum performance



  • Long Downpipe - A one-piece ddownpipe that replaces both the OEM turbo outlet (aka O2 Housing), and the Downpipe. Eliminates restrictive "donut" gasket
  • Short Downipe - Bolt-on 3" Downpipe to replace the smaller OEM piece

Test pipe or High Flow Cat

  • Straight Test pipe, replaceing the OEM catalytic converter with a free flowing pipe
  • Resonated Test Pipe, smooths the tone of the exhaust, and aids in the removal of in-cabin resonance
  • Mini-Muffler Test Pipe, reduces the overall volume while keeping the aggressive tone of an aftermarket exhaust, also aid the removal of in-cabin resonance. This is our quietest test pipe available
  • Ceramic high-flow catalytic converter (efficient to 450 hp), unique bung design assists in preventing CEL's
  • Metal substrate high-flow catalytic converter (efficient to 750 hp), unique bung design assists in preventing CEL's

3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust

  • Full 304 stainless steel construction
  • 3/8" thick CNC machined flanges
  • Dual high-flow mufflers with straight through design
  • Your choice of midpipe (straight, resonated, mini muffler) for volume control 
  • No tuning required
  • TIG welded to perfection

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