Civic Type R FK8 2017+ 3 "Downpipe

Item # 30010

  • Overview

     HP Gain 10 WHP (catless, no tune)
    TQ Gain 15 WTQ (catless, no tune)
     Material Full 304 Stainless Steel
    Weight (2pcs total) 23 lbs (Stock/OEM)
    14 lbs (Catless)
    15.5 lbs (Catted)
    100 % Bolt On OEM Catback or Ultimate Racing Catback (coming soon)
  • Features / Dyno Numbers

    1. With NO tune, gain of 10WHP & 15 WTQ. Tuning is not required
    2. Come with stock O2 bung, hardware & gaskets for seamless installation
    3. Full 304 Stainless steel construction, better corrosion resistance
    4. CNC machined 304 stainless steel flange
    5. 0.049” wall thickness, 304 stainless steel piping
    6. true 3 inchdownpipe, even at the connection to the stock CBE flange with our special designed gasket
    7. 100% bolt-on to stock, no modification required
    8. Proudly designed, built and assembled right here in North America

  • FAQ

    1. Q. Is the DP true 3” throughout, even at the connection to the catback flange?
      1. A. YES, our design is 3.5” coming out of the turbo and continues to a true 3” tube, even at the connection to the stock CBE flange (unlike other brands that will reduce the tube size just to meet the OEM flange).

    1. Q. Why does UR suggest full heat wrapping for this DP?
      1. A. The Civic Type R FK8 has a very well designed and tight fitting under cover for aerodynamics. This means not much airflow can enter the underside of the engine bay to cool the DP during WOT pulls. The result is increased oil and water temps as the hot unwrapped DP heat soaks all components around it. Wrapping the DP will keep the heat in and prevent the DP from radiating heat to the surrounding components.

    1. Q. Will I get a check engine light with a Metal Substrate Converter DP?
      1. A. We have a mechanical fix for this, but it is NOT a permanent fix, just a prevention. Our O2 extender option will make it less likely to get a check engine light, however the permanent fix is to have your tuner disable it in the tune.

    1. Q. Why should I get the DP with a High Flow Converter?
      1. A. For maximum power gain, catless is the way to go. Utilizing our Metal Substrate Converter with the stock turbo we see a 2-3% power difference compared to catless. The big benefit we feel is not having to deal with the raw exhaust fumes when the car is at idle or while waiting during a stop light.

    1. Q. Is the DP 100% 304 Stainless Steel?
      1. A. YES, our catless version DP is 100% 304 Stainless Steel (unlike others that may advertise as stainless but use a lower grade of 409 SS). For the catted version DP, the converter’s body is 409 SS and everything else is 304 SS.

    1. Q. The UR DP to stock CBE connection flange is 3”, how does it connect to the stock 2” CBE flange?
      1. A. We supply a special gasket and hardware to make the connection work. At a later date when you are ready to get our 3” CBE, the result will be a complete, TRUE 3” exhaust system from turbo flange to muffler tip. (Other brands will advertise 3” but you will find reduced pipe diameters when meeting at the flanges as this is easier for manufacturing.)
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