Golf GTI (MK5 / MK6) 3" Downpipe

Item # 90003

  • Features :
    • **Newly Redesigned (Feb 25, 2016)** Entire Downpipe is now 304 stainless steel 
    • TIG welded to perfection
    • Quality stainless steel braided flex section with interlock liner
    • 2-piece design for many multiple configurations and upgradeability
    • Unique "O2 Sensor Extender" (optional) design assists in preventing CEL's
    • Bolts onto OEM exhaust via slip-fit and clamp connection or get our 3" to 3" adapter to bolt up to our Ultimate Racing Catback Exhaust 
    • Available for CCTA and CBFA engines
  • Options:
    CCTA or CBFA
    • Most GTI's are designed for common emissions standards (ULEV II). These models are known as CCTA. Others are designed for stricter emissions standards (SULEV). These models are known as CBFA. The sticker on the passenger side of the engine will either indicate "CBF" for CBFA, or "CCT" for CCTA. CBFA models have slight differences and require this option to be selected
    Top Section:
    • Catless, no charge
    • Ceramic High Flow Cat Downpipe +$100.00 USD (400 cell ceramic core high flow cat to replace the restrictive OEM catalytic converter. Recommended to those that want flow improvements over the OEM cat without breaking the bank.)
    • Metal High Flow Cat Downpipe +$150.00 USD (200 cell metal substrate high flow cat to replace the restrictive OEM catalytic converter. Recommended to those seeking the absolute most horsepower possible (with a cat). Especially those that run aggressive tunes)
    Lower Section:
    • Straight Downpipe, (Completely straight through and free flowing pipe)
    • Straight Downpipe with Resonator Option (+$100.00 USD )(Completely straight through, free flowing resonator and pipe. Smoothes the tone of the exhaust, and aids in the removal of in-cabin resonance which can occur in some vehicles. Great for cars with aftermarket exhausts that are a touch too loud)
    • Slip-Fit, (installed directly to connect to OEM exhaust)
    • 3-inch to 3-inch Adapter +$19.00 USD (By default, each Downpipe comes with a slip-fit adapter so that it can be installed directly to the OEM exhaust. This creates an exhaust flow bottleneck because of the diameter of the OEM exhaust. Our 3-inch to 3-inch Adapter replaces the provided slip-fit adapter, and is to be used in conjunction with our 3" Dual Exit Catback. The resulting product is a TRUE 3" "Turboback Exhaust" with zero reductions in diameter)
    Extra Wideband bung/plug & O2 Sensor Extender option
    • Extra Wideband, for custom tuning +$30 USD
    • O2 Sensor Extender pre-welded in place, to assist in preventing Check Engine Light +$30 USD 
    • Gasket Set +$18 USD (Installation gaskets- does NOT include turbo to downpipe gasket)
  • Dyno:

    Stock (MK6 GTI)
    Max Horsepower: 230.39 whp
    Max Torque: 241.56 ft.lbs
    Metal High Flow Cat Downpipe (MK6 GTI)
    Max Horsepower: 243.30 whp
    Max Torque: 247.30 ft.lbs

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