Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L (2015) 3" Single Exit Catback

Item # 54002

  • 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Turbo Back Exhaust

    1. Catless Downpipe
    2. Single CatBack Exhaust with Resonated Midpipe


    Idle @ 3000rpm (free rev)
    In Cabin 84 dB 96 dB
    Outside 88 dB

    108 dB

    *dB rating for reference only


    • Features

      • Full stainless steel construction
      • TIG welded to perfection
      • Deep and aggressive sound
      • Upgradable to a true 3" "Turboback Exhaust" with zero reductions in diameter
      • Installation hardware included
      • 100% bolt on application, no modification to the vehicle required


      • Resonator
        • Smooths the tone of the exhaust, and aids in the removal of in-cabin resonance
      • 3" to 3" adapter available
        • By default, each Catback comes with a slip-fit adapter so that it can be installed directly to the OEM downpipe
        • Our 3-inch to 3-inch Adapter replaces the provided slip-fit adapter, and is to be used in conjunction with Ultimate Racing 3" Downpipe. The resulting product is a TRUE 3" "Turboback Exhaust" with zero reductions in diameter
      • Mock Exhaust Tip
        • Less expensive and lighter weight than true dual exhaust systems.
    • FAQs

      1. Is the 3" to 3" adapter worth it?

      Any restriction after your turbo will hinder your car's performance. Back pressure caused by a bottle neck right after the turbo (stock OEM donut gasket) and the unnecessary bends in the stock exhaust system add up and eat away at your car's full performance potential. Take a look at the "Highlight" for the Ultimate Racing 3" Downpipe to see an example.

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