09+ Ralliart / Evo X, Metal High-Flow Cat with Mini Muffler

Item # 200321

Replaces the OEM catalytic converter with a 3" metal substrate core high-flow performance cat and our mini muffler.

The metal core is our highest flowing cat available and it will reduce the "raw" fumes exhaust smell after removing the stock cat.  

Our Mini Muffler will reduces the overall volume of the exhaust,and aids in the removal of in-cabin resonance which can occur in some vehicles. 


  • 304 stainless steel piping
  • 3/8" thick machined flanges
  • TIG welded to perfection
  • Metal substrate high-flow catalytic converter (efficient to 750 hp)
  • 100% Bolt-on, no modification required


  • Extra Bung with Plug for future Wideband Sensor, +$30 USD
  • Rear O2 sensor extender to prevent CEL, +$30 USD

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