Golf GTI MK7 / MK7.5 3" Downpipe

Item # 90012

  • This GTI MK7 / MK7.5 Downpipe is a direct factory replacement, no modification required. Full stainless steel construction. Compatible with OEM catback with our "slip fit" adapter or make it a true 3" turboback system when pairing with our Ultimate Racing Catback Exhaust.

  • Top Section:
    • Catless, no charge
    • Ceramic High Flow Cat Downpipe +$135.00 USD (3-inch 400 cell ceramic core high flow cat to replace the restrictive OEM catalytic converter. Recommended to those that want flow improvements over the OEM cat without breaking the bank.)
    • Metal High Flow Cat Downpipe +$195.00 USD (3-inch 200 cell metal substrate high flow cat to replace the restrictive OEM catalytic converter. Recommended to those seeking the absolute most horsepower possible (with a cat). Especially those that run aggressive tunes)
    Lower Section:
    • Straight Downpipe, no charge (Completely straight through and free flowing pipe)
    • Straight Downpipe with Resonator Option +$120 USD (Completely straight through, free flowing resonator and pipe. Smoothes the tone of the exhaust, and aids in the removal of in-cabin resonance which can occur in some vehicles. Great for cars with aftermarket exhausts that are a touch too loud)
    • Slip-Fit, no charge (to be installed directly to OEM exhaust)
    • 3-inch to 3-inch Adapter +$35.00 USD (By default, each Downpipe comes with a slip-fit adapter so that it can be installed directly to the OEM exhaust. This creates an exhaust flow bottleneck because of the diameter of the OEM exhaust. Our 3-inch to 3-inch Adapter replaces the provided slip-fit adapter, and is to be used in conjunction with our 3" Dual Exit Catback. The resulting product is a TRUE 3" "Turboback Exhaust" with zero reductions in diameter)
    • Wideband Option +$50.00 USD (An additional O2 sensor bung (with plug) welded in place for installation of a future wideband O2 sensor)
    • Installation Gasket Included (Does not include turbo to downpipe gasket)

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