Golf R MK6 2012-2014 3" Catback Exhaust

Item # 90006


  • Complete bolt-on catback exhaust system including 3" midpipe and center exit dual muffler section with polished stainless steel tips. This exhaust is completely free-flowing without restriction and provides a very aggressive note.



    • 304 stainless steel piping
    • 3/8" thick machined flanges
    • Dual high-flow resonators with straight through design
    • 4" muffler tips (see below for choices)
    • TIG welded to perfection
    • Bolts onto OEM Downpipe via slip adapter and clamp connection
    • Adapter available which allows for a true 3" connection to any Ultimate Racing Downpipe!
  • Muffler Tip Options:
    • 4" Single Wall Polished Tip (Angle Cut) no charge
    • 4" Rolled Polished Tip (Angle Cut) no charge
    • 4" Single Wall Titanium Tip (Angle Cut) +$145.00 USD
    Adapter Options:
    • Standard Slip Adapter(fit OEM downpipe)
    • 3-inch to 3-inch (fit Ultimate Racing Downpipe ONLY +$19.00), which allows for a true 3" connection to our downpipe
  • Dyno

    2012 Golf R stock with ECU Flash
    As stated above with added Ultimate Racing 3" Downpipe with Metal High Flow Cat and Ultimate Racing 3" Catback Exhaust

    +80 whp and +45 tq @ 3000 rpm
    +26 whp and +20 tq @ 6800 rpm

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