STi (02-15+) / WRX (02-14) EWG Uppipe and Downpipe Recirculation Kit

Item # 10051

Achieve the rock-solid boost control of an External Wastegate, but without the added volume.


Our 3" Downpipe is segmented into two sections: Top and Bottom (just like OEM). 

The Top section of our downpipe will mate to our own 3" Bottom section as well as the OEM Bottom section. 

The recirculation provision for the EWG Uppipe is plumbed into the Top section.  For this reason, we have made the Bottom section of our 3" Downpipe an optional component.  By default, this recirculation kit comes with the EWG Uppipe and Downpipe Top section.


EWG Uppipe Kit 

  • Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel piping 
  • 3/8" thick machined flanges 
  • Stainless steel flex section with turbo interlock liner
  • Direct replacement for OEM Uppipe 
  • Fits OEM location (bolt-on) turbochargers 
  • New nuts, bolts, and washers supplied 
  • Available for the following TiAL Sport wastegates
    • F38 (38mm 2-Bolt) 
    • MV-S (38mm V-Band) 
    • MV-R (44mm V-Band)

Wastegate Note:
F38 wastegate comes with 1 Bar (14.5psi) spring by default. For a different spring rate, please contact us. Additional charges may apply for requested spring rates above 1 Bar. MV-S and MV-R wastegates come with all springs by default. Installed spring pressure sets the minimum boost pressure for your setup mechanically. A boost controller can be used to increase boost pressure above this level.

Downpipe (Top Section)

  • 3-inch 304 stainless steel piping 
  • Bolt On
  • 3/8" thick machined flanges 
  • Available Catless or with High-Flow Cat (Ceramic/Metal)
    • Catless, replaces the OEM top section (which houses an OEM catalytic converter) with full 3" straight piping.
    • High-Flow Cat Downpipe, for those that feel they must run a catalytic converter. We replace the upper OEM cat with a high flowing 3" cat. Ceramic Core efficient to 450hp. Metal Substrate Core for those making 450+hp

Downpipe (Bottom Section):

  • Straight, Replaces the OEM bottom section (which houses an OEM catalytic converter) with full 3" straight piping.
  • Resonated, Completely straight through flow (eliminates OEM lower cat) with an added Resonator to help reduce drone and overall exhaust volume. A great option for those that want all the performance, but don't want to wake the neighbors!

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