STi (02-15+) / WRX (02-14) External Wastegate (EWG) Uppipe Kit

Item # 10050


  • Full 304 stainless steel 
  • 3/8" thick machined flanges 
  • Direct replacement for OEM Uppipe 
  • Fits OEM location (bolt-on) turbochargers 
  • Designed to fit most aftermarket downpipe styles (including 4" bellmouth downpipes!) 
  • Stainless steel flexible dump tube can be adjusted to fit the contours of any downpipe 
  • External wastegate dumps to atmosphere. Can be combined with our 3" Downpipe with recirculation provision 
  • Available for the following TiAL Sport wastegates: 
    • F38 (38mm 2-Bolt) 
    • MV-S (38mm V-Band) 
    • MV-R (44mm V-Band) 

Wastegate Note:
F38 wastegate comes with 1 Bar (14.5psi) spring by default. For a different spring rate, please contact us. Additional charges may apply for requested spring rates above 1 Bar. MV-S and MV-R wastegates come with all springs by default. Installed spring pressure sets the minimum boost pressure for your setup mechanically. A boost controller can be used to increase boost pressure above this level.


Downpipe Recirculation Combo Available

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