STi (08-15+) / WRX (08-14) 3" Downpipe (Complete)

Item # 10035


  • 3-inch 304 stainless steel piping 
  • 3/8" thick machined flanges 
  • Includes both Top and Bottom Downpipe sections 
  • Fully customizable (see options below) 
  • Top and Bottom sections are interchangeable with OEM sections 
  • TIG welded to perfection 
  • Bolt-on 


  • 3" Catless
    • Replaces both OEM top and bottom sections (each houses an OEM catalytic converter) with full 3" straight piping. 
  • 3" Catless with Resonator
    • Like our Catless Downpipe, completely straight through flow but with an added Resonator to help reduce drone and overall exhaust volume. A great option for those that want all the performance, but don't want to wake the neighbors! 
  • 3" High-Flow Cat Downpipe (Ceramic OR Metal)
    • For those that feel they must run a catalytic converter. We replace both OEM cats with a single high flowing 3" cat. Ceramic Core efficient to 450hp. Metal Substrate Core for those making 450+hp. 
  • 3" High-Flow Cat Downpipe with Resonator (Ceramic/Metal) 
    • The most low key variation we offer. Full 3" design, with both the High-Flow Cat and Resonator options. 
  • Wideband Option
    • A pre-welded O2 sensor bung with plug for a future wideband sensor install.

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